Office Redesign services by Glenside

Sometimes it is a question of looking at the current office space and seeing where it is possible to create more space or make design changes within the existing office footprint. There may be a number of reasons why an office redesign might be required: budget restraints might mean making more of the current space instead of a complete office relocation; your current office location is working well for you in all other respects but you just need more space; success at winning a business project means accommodating more staff on a long-term temporary basis; a change in work practices such as a move to collaborative working or agile working. Glenside's office redesign services would include a full building survey to see where additional floorspace might be acquired (e.g. installation of a mezzanine floor) or how the current space can be reorganised and reoptimised to better suit your changing business needs.

With this information, it is possible for us to demonstrate feasibility (or otherwise) of proposed options – including budget levels as well as space suitability.

Further information:

Office redesign case study (pdf)

4 reasons why it is time for an office redesign (video)

office redesign by glenside